Humans were getting confused since the conquests out of space had lost their meaning. There had come the time for the inner journey. Some felt the change under their skin. Others were still dominated by a materialistic vision. And there were those who came from another dimension to help the planet's evolution. Tribus is a fiction about the power of the mind and the true nature of love. © Silvana Nuti, 1999, 66 pages, English
The biography of the Italian immigrant Armando Caruso is a journey over 80 years full of optimism, challenges, memories of World War II and a lot of wisdom.
© Silvana Nuti, 2003, 116 pages.
From Christian preaching in Israel to the aerobic phenomenon Padre Marcelo - a 21-century section - the book portrays the history of Catholicism with versions of the apocryphal gospels, testimonies (even from the Vatican exorcist) and good humor.
© Silvana Nuti, 2004, 179 páginas