Journalist and filmmaker, Silvana Nuti is a director and script writer at Sol Filmes, a production company in São Paulo. Over the last ten years, Silvana has delved into the neorealism movement in the audiovisual, has directed short fiction and documentary films, including “A Linguagem do Coração” (The Heart’s Language), shot in 2016, and shown in cultural centers and national and international exhibitions, promoted by UNHCR (ACNUR), in Brazil among others. In 2020, the documentary script was awarded an audiovisual contest of the Aldir Blanc law, a cultural emergency Brazilian law.


The Heart's Language, 32', São Paulo, 2016

direction Silvana Nuti

Medium-length film, co-produced by Sol Filmes and Atomica Filmes, the film is a portrait of the new life of refugees arriving in Brazil, while the country faces one of its worst political and economic crises. The documentary was shown at the International Film Festival Migration and Refuge (Cine MigrArte, Brasília), International Exhibition Imaginary Lines (Belo Horizonte), at MIS (Museum of Image and Sound, SP), Sala Maria Antonia USP (São Paulo), Cine Matilha (São Paulo) and has been shown at national and international exhibitions by UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency).

Short films

Angel's Trnaslation, 1′, São Paulo, 2017

video script direction Silvana Nuti

In the last decade, the number of homeless people in São Paulo has increased by 86%, an expression of urban poverty and the lack of public policies. Despite the increase in misery, the city is home to refugees from around the world, who are starting a new life in the country with help from the population. Congolese teacher Omana Ngandu explores the meaning of poverty and wealth, while his daughter Angel does a personalized translation.

Elevate, 3′, São Paulo, 2014

script direction Silvana Nuti

Amid debts and apathy, a young woman decides to climb to the top of Copan, the largest residential building in Latin America, while walking through downtown São Paulo seeking to end her problems. In times of crisis and transitions, a pause can be a fundamental moment in the direction of choices.

Blind Date, 10′, São Paulo, 2012

script direction Silvana Nuti

Violet is visually impaired from birth. Apparently happy, the only thing she longs for is love. Something she decides to look for with the help of a fortune teller, who sees nothing but the profit from her own business. Violet is then directed to a blind date, ignoring the surprises that life has in store for her.